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【Banquet plan】 Drunkyuan water cooking course

【Banquet plan】 Drunkyuan water cooking course

2500 Yen

All you can drink for 2 hours at + 1500 yen.

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Fresh fish sashimi 5 varieties and chicken thigh fried, main attention to water cook ... ...,

There are 7 luxurious menus in total and it is 2500 yen!

Please enjoy delicious chicken with large dish composition!

Please come to a lively seat with a large number of people!

Bonenkai, New Year's party, welcome reception party, various secondary meetings,

It is a great deals available in various scenes !!

Of course, even a small number of people such as two people can use it.

We can accommodate over 40 banquets, charters etc!

Course menu

【Salad】 Daily Salad

【Stacking】 Five types of maturing fish sticks

【Liquor】 Sesame sauce of Drunkenan

【Fried food】 Daily deep-fried food

【Grilled dishes】 Chicken thigh fried

【Nabe】 Water cooked

【After the pot】 Noble cooking

【Sweet taste】 Seasonal dessert

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