[Banquet plan] banquet course

[Banquet plan] banquet course

1980 yen

With all you can drink for two hours in the yen +1500.

In cooking course of large bowl prime,
It is recommended to the banquet bustling enjoy a large number of people.

Year-end party, New Year's party, farewell Mukaekai, various after-party and so on,
This good-course Available in various scenes !!

Of course, also available in a small number of people, such as two persons.
More than 40 of the banquet, it can also support such as in private!

Feel free to !! Please consult

[Sashimi] three today sashimi platter

[Salad] of five kinds of vegetables Caesar salad

[Fry] of chicken fried mushroom sauce

[Pottery] Genkai pork loin Grilled

[Pot] Niwatorinabe

[After pot] after pot porridge

[Sweet] daily dessert