[Kaiseki plan] aging fish and cooked in water courses

[Kaiseki plan] aging fish and cooked in water courses

2980 yen

With all you can drink for two hours in the yen +1500.

Available up to 20 people.
Enjoy our shop and proud of cooked in water, the aging fish sticking
Commitment Kaiseki plan !!

Here is also first, not enjoy the luxury Gozen!
Mizutaki the staff and sashimi.

[Dating forward] food and drink three-point prime
[Your] surpass of aging fish nigiri sushi two
[Bowl product] daily bowl cuisine
[Toward] with aging fish sashimi platter five
[Oil products] heaven women of the angel of shrimp and Shun'na Luo

Up over Seven. This will be provided in the Gozen ーーーーーーー

[Pot] mizutaki

[After pot] pot deadline of soba
※ If you are allergic to buckwheat in the porridge.

[Sweet] daily dessert

On the day as long as the stock OK !!
Gozen it will charge for your time about 20 minutes to Incorporating.The day before reservation offer is smooth.