[Kaiseki plan] aging fish and yakitori course

[Kaiseki plan] aging fish and yakitori course

2480 yen

With all you can drink for two hours in the yen +1500.

Up to 10 people is a small number of people for the meal plan available.
Our shop and proud of yakitori, course enjoy the aging fish of attention !!

First !! not enjoy the luxury Gozen of masterpiece

[Dating forward] food and drink three-point prime
[Your] surpass of aging fish nigiri sushi two
[Bowl product] day bowl dishes instead
[Toward] with aging fish sashimi platter five

ーーーーーーー up here I will offer in the Gozen ーーーーーーーー

[Skewers] from Random grilled chicken 5 seven
※ skewers commitment offers one by one freshly baked!

[Your meal] Kashiwa rice and chicken Garasupu
※ change have in the charged situation.

[Sweet] day instead dessert

☆ menu skewers list ☆
It will be in the provision of specialist in the daily ※.Please specify can not be.

Cormorant ball, rust grilled, yuzu grilled, Kashiwa, sand shear, liver, hearts, hearts source, Bonjiri, Misaki, skipper,
Chicken Toro, Wings, Harami, cartilage, meatball, Negima, lantern, Soriresu, wheat gluten, shiitake mushrooms, deep-fried tofu,

※ your meal may be changed to minced bowl or the like.
※ As long as the stock, the day OK !!
※ Gozen will charge for your time about 20 minutes to Incorporating.The day before reservation offer is smooth.