Course details

All-you-can-drink grade up 2 hours 2500 yen (charge separately)

All-you-can-drink grade up 2 hours 2500 yen (charge separately)

2500 Yen

Charge is 500 yen separately.There is no charge when using meal course.

Drunkan is adhering to Japanese sake.

We are also focusing on all you can drink.

By upgrading 2,500 yen per person

Shochu, the type of sake greatly improved !!

For people who want to drink without any doubt

All you can drink in supermarket !!

Course menu

It will be added to the existing all-you-can-drink menu.

【Draft beer】 Heartland


Queen Bees, Dream Mirror, Death of the Garden, Dusk of the Pond, Tsurumi, Sword, Yamato Sakura, Nichinami Girls, Tsun

Kurose, Takura, Yawata, Sato White, Sato Black, In the Moon, Manza, Nakamura, Pond Crane

The sixth generation hundred games, Tsunku, Kanpachi, Tsukushi, Oishi, Koma grass, Amami Nagumo

【Fruit wine】

Rice Mikan, Mango - Plum wine, Ruacasis plum wine, Phoenix Mida thigh makers

Phoenix Mida Yuzu, Hakkaisan Plum wine, Traditional plum wine, Kabosu nosusume


You can choose sake from a la carte menu.

(90 cc) (60 cc) (40 cc) Sake other than the notation.

2017/09/12 update